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Lab Groups
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Lab Group 2015-2016

Lindsey Collins
Janine Cerutti (Thesis)
The Effect of Posture on Classroom Participation

Lab Group 2014-2015

Holden French (Thesis)
The Effects of Sports Fanship on Impression Formation

Ashley Beccia
Applications of the Valence-Framing Effect

Lilli Griggs (Thesis)
Brand Attachments and Social Feedback: The Moderating Effect of Self-Concept Clarity

Lab Group 2013-2014

Malene Barlow-Hansen (Thesis)
Can the Performance of High Self-Monitors be Influenced by the Perceived Success of their Peers?

Caitlyn Collins (Thesis)
The Relationship Between Narcissism, Attachment Style, and Self-Esteem with Social Media

Victoria Bailey (Psychology/Political Science Thesis)
The Manipulation of American Democracy through Presidential Campaigning

Brian DeBisschop (Psychology/Economics Thesis)
The Association between Central and Peripheral Routes to Persuasion and Stock Returns

Lab Group 2012-2013

Alexandra Napp (Thesis)
Personality and the Bystander Effect

Sarah Dean (Thesis)
The Effects of Authorial Gender and Emotion upon Audiences’ Perceptions

Madeline Levine (Thesis)
Do Social Norms Moderate Behavior?

Stephanie Cavalier (Thesis)
The Relationship Between Social Norms and Social Media Judgments

Lab Group 2011-2012

Priscilla Wright (Thesis)
Perceptions of Sexual Assault: Comparing Gender, Education, and Presence of Alcohol

Arianna Groveman (Thesis)
Does Personality Moderate the Effectiveness of Reciprocity-Based Compliance?

Alexa Goldfarb
Media and Persuasion

Not Pictured:  Alágra Bass (Psychology/Political Science Thesis)
Changing Public Persuasion from Moral Appeals

Lab Group 2010-2011

Kseniya Zhuzha (Thesis)

Attributing Mind to Others: The Role of Dispositional Walking Speed

Sloane Sheldon (Thesis)
What’s More Persuasive? How the Internet and Newspaper Change Opinions

Allison Jekogian (Thesis)
Social Dominance Orientation & The Belief in a Just World: Relation to Stigma Towards Mental Illness

Not Pictured:  Alexa Engert (Thesis)
Personality and the Net Promoter Score

Lab Group 2009-2010

Kseniya Zhuzha
Valence Framing

Michelle Russo (Thesis)
Attitudes toward Intermarriage

Jamie Luguri (Thesis)
The Impact of Gender of Political Candidates:  How Framing Affects Perceived Candidate Competency, Viability, and Characteristics

Lab Group 2008-2009

Alan Fox (Thesis)
Stereotypes and Advertising: The Relationship Between Personal Need for Structure and the Assessment of Race-Related Sports Advertisements

Kseniya Zhuzha
Valence Framing

Jamie Luguri
Valence Framing

Elise Wakeland (Thesis)
Sex Guilt and Persuasion

Marisa Greenberg (Thesis)
Who's Buying It: Does Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development Predict Persuasion?

Lab Group 2007-2008

Allison Lacoff
Valence framing and cognitive load

Jackie Raftery (Thesis)
Relationship of Frustration and Quality of Performance: The Moderating Effect of Individual Differences in the use of Emotion-Regulation Strategies

Jenn Gabrielski (Psychology/Economics Thesis)
Do Empathy and Social Dominance Predict Allotment of Foreign Aid?

Sam Posnock (Thesis)
Getting to know you: Influence of personality in impression formation

Michelle Koo (Thesis)
Valence Framing Effect: Do Positively or Negatively Framed Attitudes Affect Persuasion?

Lara Levine (Thesis)
Social Dominance Orientation as a Predictor of Social Status

Jessica Goldberg (Psychology/Political Science Thesis)
The Effect of Personality on Supreme Court Decision Making: An Analysis of Justices O’Connor and Frankfurter

Lab Group 2006-2007

Kara Huston (Thesis)
Effect of plastic surgery on males' perceptions of women with the hourglass figure

Jimmy Shand (Thesis)
Osama Obama and the Gravity of Motivation: The Innuendo Effect Revisited

Shirel Kozak (Thesis)
Effects of Straw Man Arguments on Persuasion: The Moderating Role of Personality

Mike Epstein (Thesis)
Moderating Attitude Resilience under Valence Framing Effects using a Relevance Manipulation

Leigh Ann Holterman (Thesis)
The Effect of Ease of Retrieval on Resistance to Persuasion and Attitude Certainty

Lab Group 2005-2006

Dana Smullyan (Thesis)
'I Approved this Message:' The Effects of Personal Support Messages on Perceptions of Political Candidates

Andrew Mason (Thesis)
The Negative Valence Framing Effect: Expansion Beyond Dichotomies

Liz Kovach (Thesis)
The Effects of Socially Perceived Norms on the Occurrence of Academic Cheating