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Fiji Term Abroad
Interactive Web Project

This page is the home page for the Fiji interactive web project (pet name established by professors Brison, Condry, and Leavitt. The project is an experiment in classroom/field interactions. Students taking a term abroad in Fiji engage in back-and-forth exchanges with introductory anthropology students at Union College.

Satellite Map of Fiji Islands

The term abroad is located near the village of Rakiraki (see map) on the central island of Viti Levu in Fiji. The term abroad web site has two aims. First, it provides a forum for regular communication between the students on the Union term abroad and prof. Condry's two sections of the Introduction to Anthropology class. The web site features pictures of the students' field sites, full text of final papers, letters back to the US, and individual home pages for each term abroad student. The hope is to give classroom students the opportunity to communicate directly with their peers in the field. They may offer questions, suggestions, and strategies.

The web site's second aim is to provide a record of the 1999 Term Abroad in Fiji for anyone with an interest in the project. Students' relatives can look at the project's results. The students themselves can, upon their return, use the site as a reference, to look at each other's work and to share the Fiji experience with their friends.

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Fiji Term Abroad

1999 Term Abroad Team
Emily, Apryle, Michelle, Erinn, Megan, Andy, and Stephanie
pose in front of our Central Rent-a-car van

The Project
During fall term 1999, professors Brison and Leavitt accompanied seven Union students on a an anthropology term abroad in Fiji. The students lived in separate villages in the Rakiraki area of Fiji's largest island of Viti Levu. They conducted basic ethnographic field research and carried out individual research projects of their own design. The research was sponsored in Fiji by the Ministry of Education.

The program of study was patterned generally after a Union College Term Abroad Program in Barbados, sponsored by professors George and Sharon Gmelch. The students in Fiji conducted a series of exercises in basic anthropological field work, including extensive field notes, village maps, a census, structured economic interviews, and life history interviews. Each student wrote two 60-80 page papers, one a general ethnography and the other an analysis of the individual research project. Significant portions of their results are reproduced here at this web site.

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