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The Delta V Advantage, ConfloIV, Gas Bench II, TC/EA, & Costech EA (Funded by NSF-MRI award #1229258).


The IRMS installation was completed 8 March 2013 and we have been analyzing samples non-stop since then.


Sample flushing manifold. Carbonate is added to the bottom of a vial, then a drop of acid is added to the neck of the vial, it's capped and placed on the manifold with a syringe needle from the manifold inserted fully with 100 mL/min He flow and an exit needed partially inserted. When the vial is removed, the exit needle is removed first preventing any air from entering the vial. Vials are kept horizonal until placed in the heating block at 70°C. They equilibrate for at least 3 hours and are then ready for analysis.


Holly loading the Gas Bench II with African freshwater bivalve shell samples.


The EA is running well and we have analyzed various samples including animal tissues and cellulose extracted from tree rings.

The Costech EA


Professor Gillikin teaching the fundamentals of the EA to a class from Vassar College


The TCEA is running very well, with δ18O in cellulose having an uncertainty better than ±0.15‰.


The 6-digit microbalance





Some shots of PI Gillikin's other lab equipment:

New Wave Micromill


MetrOhm Titrando autotitrator and compact sample changer for automated total alkalinity determinations
funded by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement .


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David P. Gillikin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geology
Department of Geology
Union College
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