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Startup procedure for all anion methods

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Sample preparation for anions in water

Sample preparation for cations in water

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Eluant preparation

Lab exercises using chemical instrumentation

We have two separate Dionex ion chromatograph systems, an older DX-500 for cations, and an ICS-2100 for anions. Both have conductivity detectors, autosamplers, and eluant generators. These instruments are capable of analyzing many inorganic ions and some organic acids** at concentrations that range into the low ppb range. Samples must be in water solutions, not too concentrated, too acidic, or too alkaline. Here are the rutinely analyzed ions and approximate detection limits.

Anion System   Cation System
Species Det. limit, ppb  Species  Det. limit, ppb
F- 1 Li+ 1
Cl- 10 Na+ 10
Br- 10 K+ 10
NO2- 10 NH4+ 10
NO3- 10 Mg2+ 20
SO42- 15 Ca2+ 20
PO43- 25 Sr2+ 50
Glycolate* 20 Ba2+* 100
Acetate* 15
Formate* 10
Propionate* 25
Methyl sulfonate* 25
Oxylate* 50

Low detection limits only possible in low sulfate samples.

*Requires additional standards. Check for interferences (except Ba).