In Olin 318 we have research microscopes set up for transmitted and reflected light petrographic and photographic work. Both microscopes can be used with the two available cameras. A dedicated laptop computer runs the image acquisition software.

Transmitted light microscope, BX41.

Reflected light microscope, BH2.


Image acquisition software.

Point counting.

Petrology link.

Geochemistry link.

Here are the field diameters you can see through the occular, and for the camera on the trinocular head.

BH2 reflected light   BX41 transmitted light
Objective Occular field Camera field   Objective Occular field Camera field
2.5x 6.2 mm 4.6 mm   2x 11 mm 6 mm
5x 3.1 mm 2.3 mm   4x 5.5 mm 3 mm
10x 1.6 mm 1.2 mm   10x 2.2 mm 1.2 mm
20x 0.78 mm 0.58 mm   20x 1.1 mm 0.60 mm
50x 0.31 mm 0.23 mm   40x 0.55 mm 0.30 mm
100x 0.16 mm 0.12 mm   100x 0.22 mm 0.12 mm