Union College has an SEM as a multidisciplinary shared analytical facility, complete with a ¼ time technician. The instrument is a Zeiss EVO-MA15 instrument, with a large sample chamber, LaB6 electron gun, and low vacuum "environmental" capability. It has backscattered electron, secondary electron, variable pressure electron, energy dispersive X-ray, and cathodoluminescence detectors. These web pages are an introduction to some of its microbeam capabilities.

This facility is for use by Union College faculty and students. For related literature, help files, and other information, contact Kurt Hollocher.

List of included web pages

Secondary electron imaging

Backscattered electron imaging

Variable pressure imaging

Mosaic images for large areas

X-ray analysis and imaging

Cathodoluminescence imaging, spectrometry

Standard block

Coating samples

Sample holders

This SEM facility was originally funded by the National Science Foundation, Grant MRI-0619578. That SEM was destroyed in a flood, and this replacement was purchased with other funds.