Teresa A. Meade

Florence B. Sherwood Professor of History and Culture at Union College, New York. She is the author of "Civilizing" Rio: Reform and Resistance in a Brazilian City (1997), A Brief History of Brazil, 2nd Edition (2009), and co-editor of the Blackwell Companion to Gender History (2004), Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism (1991). She has written widely on Latin America, and on women and gender history.
























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This book covers well over 200 years of Latin American History. It begins with a brief summary of European colonialism, laying the groundwork for the succeeding chapters on the history of the independent nation-states that make up modern Latin America.

The author presents Latin American history as seen through the prism of social class, gender, race and ethnicity. She uses examples of what transpired in a single nation at a specific time as representative of a wider phenomenon and to serve as a window into the ideas, conflicts, social movements, cultural trends, and ascribed meanings that have made an appearance on Latin America's historical landscape. She also examines many of the broad themes of recent Latin American history such as modernization, dependency, revolution, and neoliberalism.

This website provide summaries of each chapter, research questions, maps and pictures, and further readings to help you approach the study of Latin America, especially in finding the connections between major and minor political events that shaped Latin American history.