Adirondack Mountains Trip
Labor Day Weekend
September 2,3,4, 1995

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Adirondack Mountains

High Peaks Region
Backpacking Trip

Written By: Joe Flis, Age 12

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Saturday, September 2, 1995

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Joe at the Trail Register

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Joe and Jim at Marcy Dam

Today we began our hike to Mt. Marcy. We headed out and almost went the wrong way, then we checked the map and chose the right trail. Our first stop was Marcy Dam. That was a fairly easy hike (2.2 miles). On the way we met a nice Canadian man walking along the trail. He walked with us till Marcy Dam and we talked and then we showed him the right trail. Big Jim made some hip pads for my pack out of a pair of my extra socks, by sewing them onto the hip strap. The Canadian man showed us his survival knife and asked if we thought it would do some damage to a bear. Big Jim told him it would do very little damage and that he had better not do anything foolish. He said he wasn't worried because he had a first aid kit.

We started our hike to Indian Falls. At this time my waist started to hurt. We adjusted my pack a few times and then started off again. The trail got a little steeper and we got really tired. We rested a few times and then started off. Near the end of this hike we met a nice young girl. She was about 20 or more. We said hi and talked for a few minutes and then left. We then got to Indian Falls.

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Indian Falls

We relaxed and had a lunch of Tomato Soup and Tunafish. We ate and then talked and looked around at the scenery. We then decided not to climb Mt. Marcy today and Algonquin the next. Instead we'd do Marcy the next and skip Algonquin. We decided to camp near the falls. We went and put the tent up in a small patch near the trail. When we got back to the falls we saw a dog with
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Joe at Indian Falls
a red tongue with black spots on it. We also met up with the lady we saw on the trail. We said hi and then went to our packs. We took out our filter and went to refill our canteens. We did that and then I went down to the bottom of the falls to take pictures. I climbed on the falls and they were pretty.

After that we decided to move our tent to a more open area which crowded up real fast. We then boiled water and cooked up our Mac + Cheese and Hot Dogs. We ate them and offered the extra hot dogs to the other people. We then had to find a tree to put our food. That way the bears wouldn't get it. We asked this man about it and he showed us a good tree to sling it up in. We labored to get it up and then these 3 Indian people came over and told us we were too close to their camp and they asked us to leave. We said okay, but they kept nagging us so we were sort of rude.

We then went searching for a good tree. We found one and asked the people near it if we could use it and they said "Yeah, we like bears." We worked for about 20 min. trying to get the rope in the tree and then we finally got it and tied the bag to it. We had to get the other end into another tree so we tried one and it didn't work so we tried another and it was perfect. We got it up and the line
broke. We had to restring the rope and strung the rope back into the second tree. Then we had the pack up but it was sort of low. The 2 guys by the tree asked us if they could sleep in our area tonight and we said "okay." When we got back some guys had gotten their rope stuck in a big dead tree. We helped push it down and get the rope out. That was fun. Then we got in the tent and got ready for bed. Now here I am writing.

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Sunday, September 3, 1995

We woke up this morning to find that our bear bag worked and the rope held. We got all dressed up (it was 42 degrees out) and cooked omelets and pop tarts. We also had hot chocolate. We then packed up the tent and set out hiking.

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Joe at Plateua
Lean-to Site

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View From Mt. Marcy Ascent
We walked for 2 miles or so and then ate lunch at the former
site of Plateau Lean-to. We then walked a few min. to another area where a few groups were eating. We saw that girl we met earlier. We kept hiking and made a big U on a ridge to get to Mt. Marcy. We stopped when the trail split and changed into warmer clothes. (We were tired.)

We then started off again. We got to a big bridge (low bridge) going through a small marsh. On the bridge we met the girl again. After that we made it past the tree line. It still took a while to get to the summit, but we made it.

We took off our packs (We were tired.) and looked around.
(I became the tallest thing in N.Y. State!) After that we ate lunch and relaxed. The man we asked about the bear bag at the falls was there. (He was a ranger and his name was Walter.) He told us about the alpine vegetation. After that we left and started down the other side.
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The Summit Of Mt. Marcy

We then remembered the champagne. Big Jim gave me a sip of that and we started off again. When we reached the tree line we changed again.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. The trail was narrow and rocky until we reached Lake Tear of the Clouds. That was pretty. We stopped at a lean-to (The Uphill) and talked for a while. (The guy talked like one of the honeymooners)

We then walked for a few hours until we reached the Opalescent River. Then we followed that till we got to the Suspended Bridge. Shortly after that we reached the campgrounds.

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Lake Colden Lean-To
We were lucky enough to find a somewhat empty lean-to. The guys let us sleep there so we unpacked (We were tired.) and went to pump water. We went back and found that the guys had a bear bag tree already set up. We didn't have to do anything. We cooked a spaghetti + sausage dinner. The sausage was Great! We then washed the dishes and came back in the dark to a blazing fire. I got cramps while doing the dishes. The guys went and put our bear bag up and then took off somewhere. We tended the fire for a while and talked and then went to bed. (We were tired.) We walked 9 hours today with only about a few rests.

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Monday, September 4, 1995

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Joe Rolling His
Sleeping Bag

Today we woke up and ate breakfast. The guys had taken down our bear bag so all we had to do was roll up our sleeping bags and pack food. We then started and got to Colden Dam in about 5 minutes

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Joe On Colden Dam

After that we made our way to the Interior Outpost. That was a good walk, but not too bad. We went on a trail to Algonquin peak accidentally on the way to the outpost. On the way, after the outpost, we saw Colden Mountain, hit a trail junction and went through Avalanche Pass.

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Colden Lake
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Colden Mountain

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Joe Signing The Trail
Register Near Interior Outpost
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Jim In Avalanche Pass

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Joe And The Chipmunk

We then went to a small bridge and sat down to lunch + gorp. A chipmunk was running around and checking us out so we threw him some gorp. He stuck it in his mouth and ran off to his stache tree. When he came back I put my hand down with a pile of corn pops. He came over and slowly ate some corn pops. Then he got friendly and sat on my hand and let me pet under his stomach. It was pretty neat. After that we went on.
We met a few people from Mt. Marcy, but the rest was just hiking. When we got to Marcy Dam we sat down for a snack. While eating we saw some people swimming in the lake. We decided to take a swim too. We got in our shorts and went down. When we stepped in it was frigid, but we got used to it and eventually went in. Big Jim got a mouth full of the water, which tasted terrible, and I went out 3 times. Then we got out and dried up. We then packed up and began our last stretch back tn_adk9518.gif (6242 bytes)
Joe At Marcy Dam

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Joe In For A Dip

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Parking Lot At
Adirondack Lodge
It was slow the rest of the way but we finally got to the parking lot and took showers and got refreshed. It felt great. Then we got in the truck and drove back.

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James E. Meyer
Scotia, New York 12302

1998, James E. Meyer

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