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Welcome to The Meyer Chronicles home on the world wide web.

About The Meyer Chronicles

The Meyer Chronicles started many years ago as a family newsletter that my mother, Betty Meyer, used to send out with her Christmas cards each year.

The newsletter was designed to keep our family and friends up on the events that occurred in the life of our family over the past year.  Mom also had a great flare for creativity and writing and always enjoyed putting together the newsletter.

For years, Mom sent out a simple type written page included with a Christmas card.

In 1993, the newsletter was reformatted and officially dubbed The Meyer Chronicles.

Since 1993, The Meyer Chronicles has become a group effort with all of the family members contributing articles and pictures to be included in the publication.

Editing and publishing has been a joint effort put forth by Mom and myself (Jimmy).

We hope you enjoy reading The Meyer Chronicles.  And don't forget to Keep In Touch!