The Poetry of Elizabeth J. Meyer

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In Due Season
Old Age
Take Me To Poetry
Take Me Home
In Due Season

Leaves rustle as the autumn breeze
Swooshes through latent branches.
Sounds of laughter fill the air
As those of tender years delight in
Pouncing into mounds of nature's
Kaleidoscopic offering of grandeur.
All too swiftly the scene changes.
Disrobed boughs tremble in the winter wind.
Comfort arrives in the garb of snowflakes
As they join in concert blanketing the flora
Of God's creation.

1998, Elizabeth J. Meyer

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Old Age

Oh no, there goes the alarm;
Now, if I can just move my arm.

Out of the bed I swing my legs;
Standing up, they feel like pegs.

Time to reassemble myself;
Off I go to the bathroom shelf.

Bifocals in place;
I see my face.

Close my eyes tight;
Not a pretty sight.

Open them up, and what do I see?
My choppers, in a glass, grinning at me.

One more attachment has to be made;
In goes my faithful hearing aid.

Okay, so the golden years aren't great;
But I'm hanging in 'til a hundred and eight!!!

1995, Elizabeth J. Meyer

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James E. Meyer
Scotia, New York 12302

1998, James E. Meyer

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