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Hans-Friedrich Mueller
Μ υ λ ω ν ι κ ό ς


The name "Hans-Friedrich Otto Mueller" was applied to me at birth (in Columbus, Ohio, USA) by parents freshly arrived from Germany (only one of them was German). The title "Dr." was conferred by UNC-Chapel Hill in 1994. After stints in Munich, Germany, as a lexicographer, at the Florida State University as an assistant professor, and at the University of Florida as an associate professor, I have become the Thomas B. Lamont Professor of Ancient & Modern Literature at Union College, currently serving also as chair of the department and as a faculty trustee for the College.

The surname Mueller is a word that in German means "miller." Both the German surname Mueller and the English surname Miller, however, derive from Molinarius, a Latin word for "miller." Μυλωνικός is an ancient Greek equivalent.

Department of Classics
807 Union Street
Union College
Schenectady, New York 12308 / USA

Office:  Lamont House 304
FAX: 518.388.6462
VOX: 518.388.8748
web site:  http://minerva.union.edu/muellerh



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Jeremia(h) 6.16 State super vias, et videte, et interrogate de semitis antiquis quae sit via bona, et ambulate in ea; et invenietis refrigerium animabus vestris.
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