Questions on Oscillatory Motion

  1. Are all motions that repeat a given path of travel oscillatory?
  2. Give an example of oscillatory motion other than a pendulum or spring.
  3. What is the period of oscillation? How do you measure it, say for a pendulum?
  4. What is the frequency of oscillation? What is the standard unit of its measure?
  5. How is the period of oscillation related to frequency?
  6. What is, roughly (order of magnitude), the frequency of oscillation of a child on a swing?
  7. What is the order of magnitude of the amplitude in the previous question?
  8. Comment on the difference between two oscillations of the same frequency, but different amplitude.
  9. Do all oscillations have only one fixed period? Give an example.
  10. What is damping?  Give a few examples of the damping of oscillations.
  11. Why is forcing necessary to maintain oscillations?
  12. Give several examples of forced oscillations.
  13. Think of a child being pushed on a swing.  Why does it make sense that resonance occurs at the natural frequency?  What would happen if the forcing (pushing in this case) were not at the natural frequency?