Questions on Interference and Diffraction

  1. What does it mean when we say that two waves are coherent?
  2. What is a standing wave?
  3. Can traveling waves be used to generate standing waves?
  4. In the case of a vibrating string, what is the relation between the wave's wavelength and the length of a string for a standing wave to be supported? Is this condition always satisfied?
  5. What are interference maxima and interference minima for a standing wave on a string? Draw a diagram to show these.
  6. What are resonant frequencies?
  7. What happens to a string when forced to oscillate at a resonant frequency?
  8. What are the components that make up a Michelson interferometer?
  9. How does a Michelson interferometer produce interference patterns?
  10. What could be some of the uses of a Michelson interferometer?