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Chad Orzel: Teaching

Winter 2005

Another winter term, another two sections of Physics 17, on BlackBoard.

Fall 2004

I was on sabbatical in the Fall of 2004, and didn't teach anything.

Spring 2004

Another BlackBoard course, this time Physics 18: "Principles of Electromagnetics."

Winter 2004

In Winter 2004, I taught two sections of Physics 17, and used the Union College BlackBoard service to handle the course web page. It's password-protected, and only accessible to students.

Fall 2003

Physics 19 again.

Spring 2003

In the Spring of 2003, I taught Physics 161, Modern Physical Optics. There's no web page for the class, but you get the basic idea.

Winter 2003

Physics 17 is back, with a new, improved syllabus...

Fall 2002

I'm teaching two full classes this term, plus two weeks of Physics 14:

Spring 2002

Spring 2002, I taught Physics 17 a second time.

Winter 2002

In the Winter term, I'm teaching only one class:

Fall 2001

In the Fall term, I'm teaching two classes: