Dr. Steven Rice
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Union College
Schenectady, NY 12308
518 388-6243
FAX 518 388-6429



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A laser scan of Pleurozium schreberi.  Click here for more details.

         In my primary research I combine studies of morphology, physiology, ecology and diversity to understand the ecological and evolutionary significance of variation in plant form.  My studies have focused on understanding structure-function relationships in bryophytes (i.e., mosses and their relatives) with particular emphasis on how variation in structure influences water balance, carbon balance and, ultimately, plant productivity.  In the bulk of my work, I have employed comparative methods to investigate the evolutionary origin and functional consequences of morphological and physiological variation in peatmosses (mosses in the genus Sphagnum). 

          At Union, I teach courses in Plant Biology, Conservation Biology and Bioengineering. 


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Research Projects
Student Research
  • Albany Pine Bush Preserve
    • Bob Federici '02:  Effects of Black Locust Invasion on Nitrogen Availability
    • Bryant Westerman '01:  Annual Nitrogen Return in Black Locust Clones
    • Glenna Malcolm '02:  Invasive Species and Restoration of Native Habitat
    • Jessica Wells '02: Evaluating the Century Soil Organic Model to Assess Restoration Strategies
    • Evan Donegan '03: Fire history of the Albany Pine Bush derived from charcoal analysis of vernal pond cores.
    • Douglas Bush '05: Soil nitrogen availability following remediation of nitrogen-fixing black locust trees: a four year study in the Albany Pine Bush
  • Form and Function in Bryophyte Canopies
  • Bioengineering
    • Alex Baumbach '07: A novel method to visualize flow in a bileaflet prosthetic heart valve. 
  • Aquatic Invasive Species
    • Jennifer Paull '01: Aquatic Invasive Species of New York, Brochure
  • Intellectual Property Rights