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Student Theses


Student Theses

Principal Advisor of Senior Theses (Geology only)

Conner, S., Time series analysis on seven d18O records from the tropical Andes, South America
Krisanda Jr, M.T., Late Holocene record of Mohawk River flooding preserved in sediment core from Collins Pond in Scotia, New York
McTurk, N.A., The development of unusual rock weathering features in granodirite boulders found on late quarernary moraines in the Cordillera Blanca, northern Peru.
Tonry, S.D., A continuous record of latre glacial and Holocene paleclimatic change from Laguna Yanacocha sediment cores, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
White, E.B., Late-glacial climate of the southern Peruvian andes identified using isotopes from carbonate lacustrine
Boldt, B.R., Late Holocene climate of the central andes identified from sedimentary, geochemical, and biological proxies
sabaatical year - no students
Metcalf, L., Sedimentology and radiocarbon dates of Laguna Yuraicocha, central Peruvian Andes
Smith, M., A centennial-scale record of climate change over the past 6500 yr in the central Peruvian Andes based on the d18O composition of authigenic marl in Laguna Yuraicocha, Peru.
Spence, B., A decadal -scale record of climate change over the past 1500 yr in the central Peruvian Andes based on the d18O composition of authigenic marl in Laguna Yuraicocha, Peru.
Canniff, P., The timing of deglaciation of the Cordillera Huayhuash based on bog stratigraphy and radiocarbon dates.
Kassel, C. M., Carbonate sedimentology and stable isotope geochemistry of marl lakes in the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru.
McMeekin, D., Changes in deposition rates of trace metals in lakes of varying anthropogenic disturbance from eastern New York and western Massachusetts during the 19th and 20th centuries
Otto, S., The timing and climatic implications of glaciation since the last glacial
maximum in the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru.
Stevens, K., A high-resolution glacial history of the tropical Andes from sediment cores from Laguna Jahuacocha, Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru.
Daigle, T. A., A paleoclimatic record from the meromictic southern basin of Ballston Lake, NY
Donegan, E. F., A fire history of the Albany Pinebush based from lake sediment cores
Farrell, J. L., Tephrochronology of sediment cores from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
Godfrey, E., Trace metal profiles of anthropogenic pollution in the three lakes in different settings in eastern New York
Newell, S., A high resolution record of hydrologic balance recorded in the Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca ratio of lacutrine marl from Lago Junin, central Peruvian Andes.
Balascio, N., Late Quaternary paleoclimatology of the tropical Andes based on a 30,000 year-long record of biogenic silica in Lake Junin, Peru, and a ~5,000 year record of carbonate precipitation in Laguna Vichy, Bolivia.
Seymour, J., Stable isotope record of lacustrine carbonates from Queechy Lake, New York.
Bagnato, S., Tephrochronology of late Quaternary sediment cores from southern Ecuador.
Garrand, J. L., Palynological Investigation of a 14,000-Year Long Sediment Core from Ballston Lake, New York.
White, I. R., An ~1000 record of sedimentation in Collin's Lake as evidence of local storminess and flooding on the Mohawk River.
Castiglia, P. J., Mineral magnetic record of late Holocene glacier fluctuation recorded in a lake sediment core from the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.
Lederer, R. W., Cirque geomorphology and deglacial history, Catskill Mountains, New York.
Moy, C. M., A comparison of lacustrine records of Holocene glaciation from lakes in central and southern Peru.
Lichtenstein, K. P., Sedimentology of a varved glacial lacustrine-eolian sand sediment sequence exposed during the spring '97 excavation of the site for the Olin Building, Union College.
Newman, J., Paleoclimatic significance of dark and light laminae in core from Laguna
Pallcacocha, Las Cajas National Park, Ecuador.
Kristel, J., Soil stratigraphy of late Quaternary loess units on the Snake River Plain,
eastern Idaho.
Goodman, A. Y., Glacial Geology And Soil Catena Development On Moraines In Las
Cajas National Park, Ecuador.
Nebolini, J. C., Geochemical Fingerprinting Of Tephra Layers Preserved In Lake Cores
In Las Cajas National Park, Ecuador.
Allison, K. P., The sedimentologic history of Collins Lake, Scotia, New York.
Howk, S. L., A record of the frequency of fires as derived from the abundance of charcoal in a sediment core from Collins Lake, Scotia, New York.
Dlubek, J. E., Exchangeable metals and pollen in a core taken from Collins Lake, Scotia, NY.
Hays, P. S., Determining the dimensions and probable cause of a stream-induced