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Video Corner

Above: CLS164 students perform their transadaptation of Aeschylus: Agamemnon's homecoming to Argos, Tennessee

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CLS164 students perform their transadaptation of Euripides' Hippolytus: Phaedra and the Nurse as college bros!
My star turn as leno ludificatus! (Dordalus in Plautus' Persa, summer 2012, Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Coming soon: Unmodernized Texts with Modern Music

  • The Awe-ful Advent of the Wine God Dionysos (from Euripides' Bacchae, with heavy metal music)
  • Electra's Lamentation (from Sophocles' Electra)

My goals and methods as a scholar-teacher

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Current courses (Spring 2013)

Previous courses

First Year Greek Advanced Greek Latin
  • Latin 358. Literature and Culture of the Latin Middle Ages (Spring 2012) [course wiki]
  • Latin 338. Ovid's love poetry and Horace's literary epistles (Fall 2011) [syllabus]
  • Latin 240. Virgil's Aeneid (Winter 2011) [syllabus, wiki]
  • Latin 102. Latin Reading (Spring 2009) [syllabus: part 1, part 2]
  • Latin 358. Literature and Culture of the Latin Middle Ages (Fall 2007) [syllabus]
Literature, philosophy, and civilization courses (with readings in English)
A class collaboration to map out how lion/prey similes work in the Iliad.

Shape note singing school, First Year Preceptorial, Oct. 31, 2012. One of these first-years wrote: At Union we are continually being reminded of "place identity" and the history that surrounds us. It is almost eerie to listen to [tune by local composer Nehemiah Shumway] "Schenectady" and not feel transported back to that very time Union is always referring to. This confirmed my belief that there is a Sacred Harp song for everyone. I am an atheist and still, growing up in the capital region and attending Union, I feel a personal connection with this song. Sacred Harp's transcendence is undeniable.