Public-Domain Books for Classicists

All Google Books listed here are available to me in full view but may not be available to readers outside the USA (explained further here). Deadlinks below used to provide access and reflect Google's apparent policy of denying access in some cases where a publisher has a commercial interest in reprinting the public domain title. For scanned Classics books elsewhere on the internet, see my big page of links under "Online Language Tools" ("Online PDF/page-scan Reprints") and under "Online Scholarly Books."

Inevitably I'm not the only one with this idea. As I become aware of similar efforts, I'll post them here: Mischa Hooker (Greek, Latin, Bible & Patristics, Classics of scholarship) has now started a wiki; German Wikisource: Klassische Philologie, largely the work of Jonathan Groß, is a treasure-trove if you are seeking anything from Wilamowitz's Lesefrüchte to a Pauly-Wissowa article; Edwin Donnelly has made useful lists of Loebs (conveniently offered via Loebolus) and school texts (mostly); Ed Snible (numismatics); Westcott & Hort Bookshelf; Luminarium; Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL); SIEPM for texts related to Medieval philosophy; Resources for Syriac Studies from Dumbarton Oaks.

Of course, one ought to be able to (but cannot) search in a proper library catalog for Google Books. Some of the contributing bricks-and-mortar libraries (e.g. Harvard) have made it simpler than others to go from their own library records to the online copy.

Google has this list (some explanation): not very useful.

Homer and Hesiod


Greek Drama


Other Greek Poetry


Herodotus and Thucydides



Friedrich Ast, Lexicon Platonicum

Codex Clarkianus, A.D. 895 (photographed from Codex oxoniensis Clarkianus 39 phototypice editus, Leiden 1898-1899)



Attic Orators



Aristotle and Theophrastus

   Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca

   Supplementum Aristotelicum

Jewish Literature

New Testament

Other Early Christian Literature




Greek Mathematics and Astronomy

Other Greek Prose

Greek Language

Greek Lexica

Greek Pedagogy

Greek Composition

Latin Literature

Latin Grammar and Italic Languages

Latin Pedagogy

Latin Composition

  • John Penrose, Easy Exercises in Latin Elegiac Verse (1850): [Google Books edition, key]
  • Frank Ritchie, Easy Continuous Latin Prose (1900): [Google Books edition]

    Medieval Latin

    Individual Authors and Texts Collections Ancillae

    Later Latin

    Major authors Curiosities

    General Reference

    Comparison of Greek and Latin

    Secondary works