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Throughout the site you will find that our general theme revolves around Telemachus and his journey to adulthood, both physically and metaphorically. Along his journey, he visited many places and had many opportunities to mature. Please take the time to read our postings and find out just how this all came about.

Phase II...

The following provides a brief explanation why you might want to visit some other sites from our class and their corresponding links.

Why should I visit the site?

This webpage gives a great insight to the Greek idea of xenia. They explain the purpose of xenia and its importance concerning the fate of the suitors. Click
This webpage looks into the various themes (referred to as "layers") of the Odyssey. These layers are spiritual growth, loyalty, perserverance and hospitality. Liz already mentioned the idea of xenia. The other layers discussed not only found throughout the Odyssey by various characters but all of them are found in the Telemachy of the Odyssey. We know that the Telemachy is in a period of spiritual growth; he remains loyal to his father and household. He also perserves though his journeys are not easy. Click
The page gives some useful information on the Odyssey as well as Ithica, it discusses issues of the story that need further examination. Overall providing a deeper look at some of the more complex issues of the Odyessey. Click
This site gives many different theories and views of Xenia in the Homeric world. The generally accepted customs of Xenia are demonstrated It shows how life revolved around Xenia and how it was pivotal to travel. It also shows how Odysseus uses Xenia to his advantage in his quest to return home. Click

Interesting Links
The following links simply provide resources for more detailed information about topics we have discussed throughout our individual postings. Please take the time to look through these sites in order to clarify items we might have mentioned that are not clear.


The Telemachy Click
Suffering in the Odyssey Click
A great source of various topics, including information on Telemachus Click
A small biography about Telemachus Click

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