Agonistic Exchange: Homeric Reciprocity and the Heritage of Simmel and Mauss: An interesting, anthropologically inspired article on the workings of exchange and conflict in Homer. Good historical background and a couple of good examples from the Odyssey, of both functional and dysfunctional hospitality. Not for the Short Attention Span Theatre crowd, though.
Ancient Greece Links: Another massive clearinghouse of links.
Aristotle's Poetics: Notes on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey: An interesting overview of Aristotle's ideas on Homer's virtues and flaws.
Eumaeus: The life and times of Eumaeus. Probably more exhaustive than Homer is.
Greek Mythology: Odysseus: A brief, but thorough, synopsis.
Homer and the Odyssey: A clearinghouse of all the Odyssey information you could possibly want.
Penelope: A short biography.
The Perseus Project: Classical texts (including the Odyssey) and other resources.
Reunion: A passage from the Odyssey dealing with Odysseus' and Penelope's reunion.

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