Odysseus and Hades



Listening to the instructions of Circe, Odysseus travels to the underworld of Hades. For a map of Hades, click here (source: this page). In Book XI Odysseus must travel through death to continue his life in Ithaca, for this he must recieve advice from the famous Theban seer, Tiresias. While in Hades, Odysseus crosses paths with many men and women that have affected his life at some point in time. It is interesting to look at the relationship between Odysseus and the dead and the importance to the story of The Odyssey. For the interest of analyzing these relationships, we have divided the dead into four categories: Family and Friends, the Heroines, Tiresias, and the Heroes and Sufferers.

Odysseus in Hades

Family and Friends

The Heroines


Heroes and Sufferers

The first image is an interpretation of Hades that comes from this website. The second image depicts Odysseus in Hades which was found here.

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