Greek 103.
Lysias, Plato & More
(Introductory Reading Course)
Spring 2011
Prof. Tarik Wareh

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Structure, Requirements, and Policies of the Course

Suggested Summer Readings

Books and Resources

Required Books

Additional texts and materials will be distributed in class.

Important Online Reference Tools

Large lexicon via Harvard (Betacode)
author abbreviations
same, via Perseus:
same, via U. Chicago:
translit. Uncode Gk.
^ = word-begin: ^fer or ^φερ will return φέρω but not, e.g., ἀναφέρω
Smyth §

Reader-friendly Greek texts of: the Lysias assignments & Plato's Crito

The 513 vocab items that cover 90% of Lysias 1 & Crito

Greek Core Vocabulary Lists

Complete Guide to Online Classics Resources