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    Tools at Perseus (list)
  • Download P.J. Heslin's Diognes to use the lexica and parsers offline.
  • I access the lexicon through a Perseus sidebar of my own creation (click here for Firefox/Mozilla installation; Javascript link for IE, contact me for instructions)
  • Better searches of the Perseus collection may be possible using PhiloLogic
  • Lookup Tool (use the SELECT button to limit the texts or authors whose English translations you are searching: this can provide a valuable index of Greek or Latin idiomatic usage)
  • Search the lexica (LSJ, Lewis & Short; special online features include data on word frequencies and word collocations)
  • Generate vocabulary lists for a given text in Greek or Latin. The ability to specify within a work ranges from none to coarse (all Pindar's Pythians) to fine (a single chapter of the Ath. Pol. or Theophrastus' Characters).
  • Secondary sources from Slater's Pindar Lexicon to such standard commentaries as Jebb's Sophocles.

The Classics Profession

Bibliographic Tools

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  • L'Année philologique: the queen of all classical bibliographies
  • Academic Search Premier from EBSCO not only finds references but often gives you the article in PDF (GRBS, CA, Mnemosyne, Phronesis, AJP, JHS, JRS, CP, CQ, generally only recent years)
  • FirstSearch: the OCLC's WorldCat database indexes library holdings throughout the world (and also, like EBSCO, offers access to many electronic journals and collections)
  • The Philosopher's Index (list of journals)

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  • netLibrary. If you connect once through a subscribing institution's network, you can set up a user account allowing access through any internet connection.

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