Classical Mythology
Classical Studies C205, Spring 2003
Prof. Tarik Wareh

Resources for Finding Images and Information about the Ancient World

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Note: There is plenty of overlap between these two categories. I have placed links that are particularly useful for images in the "Images" category, even if other kinds of information can be found there, and vice versa.

General Information Links

  1. Search the entire web: Google
  2. Electronic Resources for Classicists: a thorough and well-organized catalog
  3. The Voice of the Shuttle: Classical Studies links
  4. Ancient Greek sites courtesy of Medea, the Musical (includes an entire column devoted to pages with images)
  5. The Perseus Project:
  6. Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World (including a lot of material of much broader interest than that title suggests)
  7. Classics links from the University of Michigan (a long and thorough list to browse through)
  8. Pages about Ancient Greece available at or linked from N.S. Gill's pages

Collections of Images

  1. Search the entire web: Google Image Search
  2. Search IU's own DIDO database of slides. (A search for "Odysseus" returned 42 possible images!)
  3. Collections of images for Classicists: a directory of major sites on the web
  4. Art Collections catalogued by Diotima (see above): an excellent directory
  5. The Beazley Archive at Oxford University:
  6. Images and texts for the Olympian gods (University of Victoria, Canada)
  7. The Trojan War: An Illustrated Companion
  8. A gallery of mythologically inspired ancient images, with full explanatory captions
  9. Greek Art and Architecture from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  10. Color photographs of Greek sites by Leo C. Curran
  11. Lecture outlines, with links to good images, for Lisa Kallet's "History of the Ancient Mediterranean" course at the University of Texas
  12. The Perseus Project
  13. Ships of the Ancient Greeks from the Bulfinch's Mythology website
  14. Images relating to ancient drama: including theaters, vase paintings, and sculptures (from the University of Saskatchewan)
  15. The Museum of the Goddess Athena. (I guess you could call this a fan site!)
  16. Archaic and Classical Greek Art image collections at the University of Auckland (New Zealand)
  17. Finally, a not very well-organized collection of images hosted here on the C205 homepage: images relating to the gods (in alphabetic order) and to the Parthenon (Athena's temple in Athens).