Some details of the optical telescope and equipment:

20" hyperbolic mirror (Ritchey-Chretien).

f/8.1   54" tube.

Telescope Control System (TCS) and MaximDL software

Apogee Ap7 back illuminated CCD array,  512 x 512.

Apogee Ap8 back illuminated CCD array,  1024 x 1024.

8-position filter wheel, holds 1" filters.

6-position filter wheel, holds 2" filters

Spectrograph:   Optomechanical model 10C.

Offset guider with CCD.

Eyepiece assembly for visual observing

Pentium computer with MaximDL CCD acquistion and IDL analysis software.**

Pentium computer with IRAF and STSDAS running under Linux RedHat 6.2 operating system

**IDL software donated by David Stern of Research Systems Incorporated.  We're delighted to have this very powerful data analysis tool.