Zero Net Electricity Use in Upstate NY

Residence of Paul Willing, Collie Goldstein, and Alon Willing

Solar Collectors
Energy Use






1)  Solar water collector

2)  House heating and clothes dryer
3)  House heating
4)  Newer photovoltaic system: 4 KW             
5)  Older photovoltaic system: 2.8 K

Note that we use no fossil fuels for heating, cooking, or hot water.

Net production this year

  • Heating: about 50% from a geothermal heat pump; about 30% from direct solar; about 20% from a wood stove ( 0.8 cords/winter)
    • Ground source heat pump:

  • Cooling: heat exchanger in well
  • Water heating: solar; second heat pump
  • Lights:  fluorescent and LED fixtures
  • Cooking, refrigeration: all electric appliances
  • Commuting 900 miles/month:  
         2012 Nissan Leaf (electric; no gas)
 398 consecutive months of  higher  than average world temperatures
17 of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2001

So far this year:  Net Production [Mar2017-Mar2018]

previous year, Mar2016-Mar2017       
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