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Environmental Policy

Union College’s Environmental Policy program offers an unparalleled, multi-disciplinary approach to the dilemmas of managing contemporary environmental problems. Drawing on courses and faculty in the social sciences, humanities, physical sciences and engineering, Union’s B.A. in Environmental Policy develops the knowledge and skills required to address environmental challenges in the real world.

As an Environmental Policy student, you will join one of the most dynamic programs at Union College. Faculty and students alike have been energized by the renewed interest in environmental problems such as global warming and the search for renewable energy, and the Environmental Policy B.A. has been designed to prepare students to be active participants in the search for solutions to these problems. The Environmental Policy major offers four different areas of concentration tied to some of our most pressing environmental issues:

Environmental Law and Management
Environmental Problems and Response
Marine Studies
Energy and Sustainability

Moreover, the Environmental Policy B.A. at Union offers several unique opportunities for hands-on work on environmental policy issues. The popular New Zealand Electric Power Development mini-term abroad focuses on the economics, technology, and environmental regulation of hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrocarbon-fueled and wind power generation, all on-site in beautiful New Zealand. The Marine Term abroad offers an intensive and interdisciplinary study of marine science and maritime communities in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; St. George’s, Bermuda; and Newfoundland, Canada.

Senior Environmental Policy students are also offered the chance for an internship at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC). This has been an extremely important and popular program that offers students practical work experience in a variety of aspects of environmental regulation and policy. Union College’s close proximity to the state capital in Albany allows us to offer this opportunity, and it opens the possibility for independent internships in related organizations.

Finally, as Environmental Policy students you have the chance to put your knowledge into practice in your immediate surroundings at Union College. Union is committed to sustainable environmental practices. President Stephen Ainlay has signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, which sets Union College on the path to document our current carbon emissions. The “U Sustain” Committee draws together students, staff and faculty to focus on ways to make our institution more environmentally responsible, and offers a unique chance for students to make a concrete difference on campus.

The culmination of the BSc in Environmental Policy is the Senior thesis where student work on original research with a faculty member or a research team. Here is a list of recent theses.

Environmental POLICY TRACK (PDF)

Environmental Science overview is here.

Environmental Engineering and Technology overview is here.

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