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Flooding, erosion, sediment transport

in the Mohawk watershed

For a number of years we have been looking into the hydrology of the Mohawk watershed in upstate New York (USA). Our studies have focused on flooding and ice jams on the main trunk of the Mohawk River, but we are also working on several problems related to sediment transport and erosion of several tributaries. For the flooding research, we've been primarily focused on understanding the conditions that surround historic floods so that we can better understand future hazards for the city of Schenectady and nearby communities. We've compiled a relatively long record of historical floods through a variety of archives, and we've studied ice jams and the dynamics of these ice jams. Our research group here at Union College is involved in a number of ongoing projects.

Our work on various tributaries to the Mohawk River includes understanding sediment transport, erosion, and overall basin hydrology.

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