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Link to the 2015 Symposium is here

The Geology Department at Union College has hosted the Sixth Symposium on the physical aspects of the Mohawk Watershed in New York State.  The scientific program and timing of theme sessions was shaped by submitted abstracts and invited talks.  The meeting highlighted recent and on-going work in the watershed during oral and poster presentations and the technical sessions.


The conference occurred from 8:30 AM to 5:20 PM, with a reception that followed. This year we have continued to place more emphasis on poster presentations, which means a reduction in the number of slots of volunteered oral talks, and an increase the number of posters and the time for posters.


SCHEDULE of TALKS and POSTERS is posted here

Download ABSTRACT VOLUME here (high-resolution version HERE - 25 Mb)





The Invited talks are focussed on floods and flood recovery, water quality and water use, and climate change.


“Place-esteem as the Foundation for Stewardship”
Janet Kennedy, Lakes to Locks Passage Inc.


“Erosion mitigation and habitat improvement through bioengineering and natural channel design”  
Paul Villard, University of Guelph


“Land-use and river management strategies for reducing flood risk and protecting water quality”
Julie Moore, Stone Environmental


“A new tool for monitoring ice-jam flooding along the Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY
Gary Wall, United States Geological Survey


“An Update of Climate Change Research in New York State
Mark Watson, NYSERDA


“A Century of West Canada Creek Water Management: the Case Against the Fragmented Approach”
Tom Zembrzuski, Hydrologist (ret), West Canada Creek Watershed Alliance


"The Resilient Neighborhood: Flood Mitigation as an Economic Engine".
Rebecca Hill, RAFT Landscape


Plenary Speaker "Sustainable Infrastructure on the Mohawk: The need for innovation and investment in programs, polices and projects that improve our environment and promote our communities"
Congressman Paul Tonko, 20th District of New York, Mighty Waters Initiative


The Keynote address will be presented by Laura Rose Day, Executive Director of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust, "Headwaters to the Sea: Opening Sea-run Fish Migration Corridors on Maine Rivers, Breaking Down Barriers to Large-scale Restoration"


Details about the Keynote and Banquet can be found here, past kenote addresses are detailed here.




Submitted contributions in the form of extended abstracts are required for either oral or poster presentations. The abstract volume was available to registered participants at the meeting and it is now available here as a downloadable PDF.  All presentations, whether oral or poster, are required to have an accompanying abstract that must pass review. Abstract requirements are described in detail on this web page. The abstract deadline was 21 Feb 2014.


Requirements for Poster and Oral presentations are outlined HERE.

Abstract deadline for talks and posters is 28 February 2014.




Registration was open on 25 January 2014. Pre-registration for this meeting is required. Badges will be provided at registration, and are required for entrance to the meeting. Registration fee includes lunch. The banquet and Keynote address is a ticketed event - BANQUET REGISTRATION ENDed on 15 March.


Professional $20; Students $10. REGISTRATION AFTER 1 March: $35. You will be mailed a receipt after we recieve payment. Pre-registration and prepayment for this meeting is required. The evening Banquet is $25 (Closes on 15 March). Union College's Alumni Office is sponsoring our registration this year and therefore able to process credit card payments.



Union College has a number of suggestions for places to stay that are close to the College. Note that the Holiday Inn is closed and will not be an option for this conference. During the meeting, Dutch Hollow, a small campus eatery, will be open for lunch and breakfast.


Plenty of parking is available on campus. This meeting is at the end of exam period, so the campus will have few students. Download this map for parking areas that will be open and available ("P"), but there is a large parking lot at College Park. Detailed directions to the Campus are here.



Keynote Speaker, Laura Rose Day, here delivering remarks in July 2013 before the breaching of the Veazie Dam on the Penobscot RIver in Maine. This effort is one of the largest coodinated river restoration project in the nation.




Program Chairs and coordination:

Jaclyn Cockburn, Department of Geography, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada; +1,519-824-4120 Ext. 53498; jcockbur @ uoguleph.ca (remove spaces).

John Garver, Department of Geology, Olin Building, Union College 807 Union ST Schenectady, NY 12308-2311, USA +1, 518-388-6770 (Office) +1, 518-388-6770 (main office) +1,518-388-6417(fax) Email: garverj @ union.edu (remove spaces in email address).

Deb Klein, Technical Assistance and Registration, 310 Olin Bldg, Union College. 518-388-6770: Email: kleind2 @ union.edu (remove spaces in email address).


Katherine Czajkowski, Mohawk Watershed Coordinator Mohawk River Basin Program NYS Water Resources Institute at Cornell University 1130 N. Westcott Road Rotterdam, New York 12306 518-357-2383 518-357-2398 (fax) Email: Katherine Czajkowski <kmczajko @ gw.dec.state.ny.us> (remove spaces in email address).

Mailing address: Geology Department,

Union College, 807 Union ST, Schenectady NY, 12308-2311






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