Union College

2015 - Mohawk Watershed Symposium





John Lipscomb, Captain of the

Riverkeep Patrol boat

(Photo: Riverkeeper)





















Keynote Speaker


John Lipscomb

Patrol Boat Captain for Riverkeeper


John Lipscomb is the Patrol Boat Captain for Riverkeeper on the Hudson River, and last summer the boat took its first patrol on the Mohawk.  He is focused on protecting the Mohawk-Hudson watershed from polluters and ensuring water quality. 


He has been Captain of the Riverkeeper Patrol Boat for 15 years, and while the water is open he conducts regular water quality sampling. 


The patrol boat hosts State and regional decision makers, the media, and stakeholders in the watershed out on the river to share knowledge of the River including its wildlife, critical habitat zones, pollution sources and water quality management issues. 






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