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2015 - Mohawk Watershed Symposium
















































































































































Oral Presentations


Swimming the Entire Length of the Mohawk River, Special Presentation

Christopher Swain*, Brave Swimmer

Lock 7 Dam Fixed Design Endangers Schenectady Area… What to do?

James E. Duggan* Consultant (retired registered architect/urban planner)

Flood Inundation Maps for the Schoharie Creek at Prattsville, New York

Elizabeth Nystrom*, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Water Science Center

Flood Warning and Optimization System for the Mohawk Watershed (invited)

Howard Goebel* New York State Canal Corporation

Spatial Differences in Contemporary Fish Assemblages of the Mohawk River (Invited)

Scott George*, Barry Baldigo, and Scott Wells, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Water Science Center

How Common is "Textbook" Migration in the Blueback Herring?  A Look at the Hudson-Mohawk Population through Otolith Chemistry

Karin E. Limburg*, and Sara M. Turner, Dept of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Response of Macroinvertebrate Assemblages to Extreme Floods in Tributaries to the Mohawk River, NY

Mirian Calderon* A.J. Smith, B. Baldigo,and T. Endreny, Dept of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Clean Water Planning and TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Vision (Invited)

Angus Eaton*, Department of Environmental Conservation

Partnership Efforts in the Mohawk Watershed (Special Address)

Jim Tierney*, NYS Dept. of Env. Conservation, Water and Watershed Assistant Commissioner

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment in the Mohawk River Basin (invited)

 Alexander J. Smith*, Margaret A. Novak, and Gavin M. Lemley, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water

Using Geospatial Data to Analyze Trends in Onsite Wastewater Systems Use

Sridhar Vedachalam*, Tim Joo, and Susan J. Riha, NY State Water Resources Institute, Cornell, Ithaca, NY

The New York State Mesonet

Chris Thorncroft*, E. Joseph, and J. Brotzge, Univ. at Albany, Dept. of Atmospheric and Env. Sciences, Albany, NY

Inspiring Residents to Address Watershed Pollution through Citizen Science

Dan Shapley*, John Lipscomb, and Jen Epstein, Water Quality Program

Mohawk River Watershed Coalition Update: Management Plan - Long Term Vision (Invited)

Peter M. Nichols*, Mohawk Watershed Coalition

Accomplishments and Status of NY Rising (Invited)

Sarah Crowell*, New York State Department of State

After the Response, a Sustainable Plan for Our Future (Plenary Address)

Congressman Paul Tonko, 20th District

Protecting our watershed: The Riverkeeper Patrol

John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain


Poster Presentations


Common Core: An Uncommon Approach Workshops for Educators on How to Bring Environmentally Based Experiential Learning to Schools and Beyond

Scott Hadam* and John M. McKeeby, Schoharie River Center, Burtonsville NY

An Investigation of Tree-ring Response to Extreme Flood Events Along the Schoharie Creek, New York

A. Bartholomew*, J. Rayburn, and A. Walag, Department of Geology, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY

Sedimentological Record of Large Magnitude Floods Recorded in Collins Pond, Scotia, NY

Corey M. Hedges* and Don T. Rodbell, Department of Geology, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Flooding Prediction in Large Watersheds: An Example from Mohawk River in New York

Marsellos Antonios* and Tsakiri Katerina, School of Env. and Tech., Univ. of Brighton, UK

The New York Streamflow Estimation Tool

Chris L. Gazoorian*, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Water Science Center, Troy, NY

Incapacity of Current Release Works at the NYPA Blenheim/Gilboa Pumped Storage Project to Pass the Probable Maximum Flood as Estimate by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Howard Bartholomew*, Dam Concerned Citizens, Inc., Schoharie, NY

Cartographic Mapping of Water-Related Environmental and Societal Indicators

Ashraf M. Ghaly*, Department of Engineering, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Water: The New Oil That Fuels International Conflicts

Ashraf M. Ghaly*, Department of Engineering, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Utilizing GIS to Study Erosion, Mitigation Reliability, Costs, and Effective Coastal Engineering Practices

Chrisopher C. Kelly* and Ashraf M. Ghaly, Department of Geology, Union College, Schenectady, NY

USGS Ice Jam Monitoring System, Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY - An Update

Gary R. Wall*, and Chris Gazoorian, U.S. Geological Survey, New York Water Science Center, Troy, NY

A Web GIS-Based Mohawk River Watershed Project Implementation Tracking System

Katie Budreski*, Stone Environmental, Montpelier, VT

The Mohawk River Watershed Management Plan: Engaging the Community

Elizabeth C. Moran*, Linda P. Wagenet, and A. Thomas Vawter, EcoLogic LLC, Cazenovia NY

The Canajoharie and Otsquago Creeks: A Rapid Bio-Assessment of Two Tributaries of the Mohawk River

Bryce Boylan, Zoe D’Arcangelis, Sarah Hoffman, Hans Hudyncia, Spencer Mang, Julia Stockwell, Noah Sweet, Lexi Veitch, Madeline Elliott,  Cassie O’Connor, Abbey Welsh, Lance Elliott* John McKeeby and Scott Hadim, Fort Plain/Canajoharie Environmental Study Team

Schoharie County Streams: A Long Road Toward Recovery?

Dakota J. Raab,* Eric W. Malone, Mark D. Cornwell, John R. Foster, and Benjamin P. German, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Environmental Science State University of New York, Cobleskill, NY

USGS Streamgage Network Expansion in the Mohawk River Watershed

Travis Smith* and Gary R. Wall, U.S. Geological Survey, NY Water Science Center, Troy, NY

Monitoring the Hudson and Beyond with HRECOS (Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System)

Gavin M. Lemley* and Alexander J. Smith, Hudson River Estuary Program, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, NY

Small Things in Small Streams in Small Towns Causing Big problems

H. Bachrach, A. Gubbins, M. Pfeffer, J. Stark, S. Turner, C. Gibson*, Environmental Studies Program, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Surface Water Quality Measurements Upstream and Downstream of Concentrated Human Activity on Flood-Impacted Line Creek in Middleburgh, New York

Melissa A. Miller, Barbara L. Brabetz, Neil A. Law, Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY

Tracking pollution in New York streams using stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes of primary producers

Michele Berube, and Anouk Verheyden, Geology Department, Union College, Schenectady NY


* indicates presenter