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A list of all 23 Perisesarma species

Family: Grapsidae

Perisesarma samawati
  Gillikin and Schubart, 2004
Perisesarma bengalense
  Davie, 2003
Perisesarma cricotus
Rahayu and Davie, 2002
Perisesarma foresti
Rahayu and Davie, 2002
Perisesarma maipoensis
(Soh, 1978)
Perisesarma messa
(Campbell, 1967)
Perisesarma brevicristatum
(Campbell, 1967)
Perisesarma darwinensis
(Campbell, 1967)
Perisesarma longicristatum
(Campbell, 1967)
Perisesarma lanchesteri
(Tweedie, 1936)
Perisesarma alberti *
Rathbun, 1921
Perisesarma indiarum
(De Man, 1902)
Perisesarma fasciatum
(Lanchester, 1900)
Perisesarma onychophorum
(De Man, 1895)
Perisesarma eumolpe
(De Man, 1895)
Perisesarma semperi
  (Bürger, 1893)
Perisesarma haswelli
(De Man, 1887)
Perisesarma kammermani *
(De Man, 1883)
Perisesarma lividum
(A. Milne Edwards, 1869)
Perisesarma guttatum
(A. Milne Edwards, 1869)
Perisesarma dussumieri
(H. Milne Edwards, 1853)
Perisesarma bidens
(De Haan, 1835)
Perisesarma huzardi *
(Desmarest, 1825)

*West African species; all others (20) are from the Indo-Pacific
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note that Perisesrama are often incorrectly referred to as Sesarma


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Created 28 August 2001

Updated June 24, 2016