Field trip across the Taconic orogen

Cambrian Cheshire quartzite on Pine Cobble, Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Metamorphosed Cambro-Ordovician volcaniclastic sediments on the east side of the Berkshires. Abundant quartz veins and glacial striations.

Intrusion breccias and other intrusive features in the roots of the Taconic island arc, Shelburn Falls, Massachusetts.

Silurian Clough quartzite, Crag Mountain, just west of the Connecticut River valley.

Field trip to the Adirondacks: eastern and high peaks areas

Coarse-grained, intensely folded graphite- and diopside-bearing marble on the shores of the Hudson River, Warrensburg, NY.

Magnetite ore body and mine west of Ticonderoga, NY.

Looking southwest from the top of Roaring Brook falls, Giant Mountain, Adirondacks.

Crossing Roaring Brook on the way to some outcrops, Giant Mountain, Adirondacks.

Exposures of the Roaring Brook intrusion breccia, Giant Mountain, Adirondacks.

Field trip to Mt. Monadnock: southwestern New Hampshire

Graded quartzite beds in Littleton Formation schist. Person is standing on the axial surface of an isoclinal fold that repeats the bed, upside down in front and right side up behind.

Same as above, with Mike and Bill for scale.

Lunch on Black Precipice, looking south at the landscape.

Lunch on Black Precipice. Garnet- and tourmaline-bearing granite dikes and sills visible in the schist.

Bill reading the paper.

Nick eating the finest peanut butter sandwich in New Hampshire.

Sarah, done with her sandwich. Not sure if it was the finest.

Jeremy on Littleton Schist, with large sillimanite pseudomorphs after andalusite on the rock surface to the right.

Off the trail looking at complex isoclinal folds and graded quartzite beds.

The "Billings Fold", a large isoclinal syncline just below and southwest of the Monadnock summit.

Petrology, 2000. Sarah, Nick, Mike, Bill, Sarah, Jeremy on the summit.

Nick and Bill hanging out.

Bill, hanging up.

Sarah and Sarah walking up to Bald Rock.

Boulder cave entrance.

Boulder cave exit.

Boulder cave exit, again.

Checking out an especially large muscovite crystal in a pegmatite dike.

View toward the summit from the Halfway House site.