Field trip across the Taconic orogen

Group photo from Pine Cobble, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Stop 4 at 9:00 AM.

Another group photo at Pine Cobble, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Stop 4 at 9:00 AM. Photo donated by Ralf Schauer.

Feeling for fault movement indicators on a slickensided surface, Waloomsac Formation, Rt. 8, North Adams, Massachusetts.

Folded marble, West Stockbridge Formation, Natural Bridge Park, North Adams, Massachusetts. Photo donated by Ralf Schauer.

Metamorphosed limestone of the West Stockbridge Formation, North Adams, Massachusetts.

Snoozing on the flysch and chips outcrop, eastern Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Waking up (at last).

Tonalitic gneisses and amphibolites at the Shelburne Falls, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

Group photo on Crag Mountain, Erving, Massachusetts, view to northeast.

Outcrop of Clough Quartzite on Crag Mountain, Erving, Massachusetts. View to south-southeast toward the Northfield Mountain pumped storage reservoir in the Pelham Dome.

Field trip to the Adirondacks: eastern and high peaks areas

Large metamorphic garnets in an amphibolite.

Coarse-grained marble on the shores of the Hudson River.

Searching for mega-samples, as usual.

Normal-size samples are sufficient for normal people.

Charnockite gneiss near Schroon Lake.

Marble-matrix breccia near Paradox.

Paying homage to partially recrystallized (Whiteface Mtn. type) anorthosite.

If you are going to take a snooze, it might as well be in a nice spot!

Samples of magnetite-garnet sand, Schroon River.

Looking at a thin ferrogabbro dike crosscutting anorthosite.

Trying to get out to the outcrop in the middle of the river, Jay.

Searching for blue calcite, cascade slide.

Blue calcite!