Field trip across the Taconic orogen

Looking at a quartz-pebble conglomerate in the Cheshire Quartzite, about half way up the trail to Pine Cobble, Williamstown.

Mini-melange in the Rowe Formation belt, east side of the Berkshires on Rt. 2, just below the Whitcomb Summit hotel.

Deformed xenolith breccia in gabbroic rocks, as part of the older plutonic complex in the roots of the Taconian island arc. Shelburne Falls.

End of the trip on the summit of Crag Mountain, on Silurian Clough quartzite which is made out of deformed quartz pebbles and cobbles.

Field trip to the Adirondacks: eastern and high peaks areas

Contact between a granitic gneiss (light colored center and right) and a garnet amphibolite (lower left).

Large garnets in melt pockets in an amphibolite.

Highly deformed marble on the shores of the Hudson River.

Folded calc-silicate layer in marble, banks of the Hudson River.

Hornblende-diopside-plagioclase-calcite vein in an amphibolite 'xenolith' in the deformed marble, banks of the Hudson River.

Folded layers in marble, banks of the Hudson River.

Infold of marble and calc-silicate layers into a partially separated amphibolite boudin neck, banks of the Hudson River.

Deformed marble with numerous 'xenolith' blocks and folded layers, Paradox.

Small fault with calcite infilling, cutting calc-silicate block in marble, Paradox.

Large quartz mass in the neck between two large amphibolite boudins in marble, Paradox.

Looking closely at the corona textures and the green plagioclase flow foliation in a corona gabbro, near Schroon Lake.

Mylonite zone cutting gabbroic anorthosite, Keene Valley.

Large plagioclase crystal in Mt. Marcy-type anorthosite, Mt. Jo, short trail up.

Labradorite showing labradorescence. It is caused by a diffraction effect from closely-spaced exsolution lamellae.

Reaching the top of Mt. Jo, high peaks in the distance.

Looking down on Heart Lake, adjacent to the Adirondack Loj campground.

Ferrosyentie dike cutting leuconorite, summit of Mt. Jo.

Looking at leuconorite, cut by numerous ferrosyenite dikes that form an extremely block-rich intrusion breccia.

Large twinned plagioclase, summit of Mt. Jo, in an anorthosite block within the leuconorite.

Large plagioclase crystal in a block of anorthosite within the leuconorite, summit of Mt. Jo.

Small block of anorthosite in leuconorite, found while bushwacking toward the alkali basalt dike outcrop.

The two notches in the outcrop are weathered out alkali basalt (camptonite?) dikes cutting leuconorite, near the summit of Mt. Jo.

View down into one of the notches with an alkali basalt dike, visible underneath the tree.

The largest plagioclase crystal found in this trip, larger than a size 12 boot.

Alkali basalt dike cutting leuconorite, on the long trail down from the summit of Mt. Jo.

Field trip to Mt. Monadnock, southwestern New Hampshire

The Fairy at Fairy Spring, on the Fairy Spring trail to Monta Rosa.

Summit of Monta Rosa, with tourmaline veins, garnets, andalumps, and sillimanite fibers.

Topping direction for a metamorphosed graded bed.

Lunch on Black Precipice, sitting on the "Seven Sisters" quartzite beds.

More lunch on Black Precipice.

Even more lunch.

Rainwater pool off the main trail, looking southeast toward Bald Rock.

Off the main trail, looking toward the summit.

Folded quartzite beds.

More folded quartzite beds. Wind is gusting to 50 mph.

Nice red garnets. The schists contain red garnets up to 2 cm across.

Nice red garnets. The schists contain red garnets up to 2 cm across.

Approaching the summit region.

"Billings Fold" just below the summit.

Chicken track pattern of andalumps on a foliation surface.

Large xenolith choking the interior of a thin tourmaline granite sill.

Summit of Monadnock.

Summit of Monadnock.

Summit of Monadnock.

Coming down from the summit. It's actually not as steep as it looks.

Nice graded quartzite bed. Top is to the upper left.

Large tourmaline crystals in a quartz vein. Longest crystal is ~4 cm.

Largest andalump found on trip, nearly 30 cm.

Looking back toward the summit from Bald Rock, on the way to the graphite mine and the boulder cave.