Field trip across the Taconic orogen

Pine Cobble trail, Williamstown, MA. Large set of feathery ankerite crystals that precipitated in a quartz-ankerite vein in the Cheshire quartzite.

Pine Cobble trail, Williamstown, MA. Deformed quartz pebble conglomerate in the Cheshire Quartzite.

Glacial striations in marble, Natural Bridge Park, North Adams, MA.

Large hornblende crystals in a hornblende-muscovite schist. Charlemont, MA.

Garnet-staurolite schist of the Goshen Formation, Charlemont, MA.

More garnet-staurolite schist of the Goshen Formation, Charlemont, MA.

Jurassic red bed sediments of the Connecticut Valley basin, Turners Falls, MA.

Field trip to the Adirondacks, NY: eastern and high peaks areas

Biggish garnet outcrop on a drizzly morning, Warrensburg, NY.

Quartz-pyrite vein occupying a small fault that cuts an amphibolite boudin in marble, Paradox Lake, NY.

Silicified fault in marble, Paradox Lake, NY.

Corona Gabbro north of Schroon Lake, NY. Fresh surface where green is plagioclase that is choked with spinel inclusions that result from the corona-forming reactions. Tan garnet rims are visible around mafic minerals are part of the corona textures.

Weathered surface of the outcrop above. Pits are where orthopyroxene (after olivine) has weathered out.

Anorthositic gabbro, Keene Valley, NY.

Anorthosite, Keene Valley, showing metamorphic reaction rims around mafic minerals.

Large spider near the dam in Elizabethtown, NY.

Host rock is anorthosite, was first cut by a syenite dike, and almost immediately the syenite was partially flushed out by an injection of ferrobasalt magma.

Anorthosite intrusion breccia with thin syenite dikes.