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Metamorphic petrology


Atlas of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks, Minerals and Textures

Geochemistry Web Links

How phase equilibrium works

Regional geology

White Mountain magma series, New Hampshire


Mineralogical Society of America Software links Software, mostly thermodynamics and phase diagrams.

MELTS thermodynamic modeling software for magmas.

Thermocalc thermodynamic modeling software especially for metamorphic rocks.

Perple_X thermodynamic modeling software especially for metamorphic rocks.

KWare software generally related to plutonic and volcanic rock calculations and modeling.


Mineralogy Database, lots of information including some useful for thin sections.

Another mineralogy database, about the same information but in a different format.

Minerals under the microscope, microscope use, observing optical properties.

Meteorite petrology and geochemistry.

Data sets

EarthChem portal access to multiple igneous petrologic data sets.

WebElements periodic table with a database of many element characteristics.

PETDB database of mostly ocean floor basalts.

NAVDAT database of igneous rocks in western North America.

GEOROC database of continental and oceanic rocks.

SDBP (Data Bases in Petrology) On-line and Microsoft Access data sets for igneous and sedimentary rocks.

EARTHREF database access for many aspects of earth geochemistry.


See the Shaffer Library resources, which include numerous geological journals.

Other information

Geokem, summaries of igneous rock petrology and geochemistry.