The Armand V. and Donald S.
Feigenbaum Forum

Armand V. Feigenbaum, Roger H. Hull and Donald S. Feigenbaum

Converging Technologies at Union
The Ninth Annual Feigenbaum Forum
October 21, 2004
3:00 pm, Feigenbaum Hall
Union College, Schenectady, NY

Welcome and Introduction
Roger H. Hull
Union College

Opening Remarks
Donald S. Feigenbaum
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
General Systems Company

The Humanities and Technology: Building Bridges
Raymond F. Martin
Professor and Chair Department of Philosophy
Union College

Planning the Center for Bioengineering and Computational Biology
Leo J. Fleishman
Professor Department of Biology
Union College

Curricular Changes in Computer Science
Valerie B. Barr
Professor and Chair Department of Computer Science
Union College

Promoting the Free Flow of People and Ideas
J. Douglass Klein
Director of the Center for Converging Technologies
Union College

Unionís Place in Higher Education
Roger H. Hull
Union College

Closing Remarks
Armand V. Feigenbaum
President and Chief Executive Officer
General Systems Company

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