July 13, 2003
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Artbots Photos taken at the second day of the ArtBots exhibition, at Eyebeam on July 13, 2003, except as noted below.

EYEBEAM Gallery, Education and Studios
540 W 21st Street, (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011

ArtBots is part of the Eyebeam festival, Robot, July 12-15, 2003

If you liked this exhibition,  be sure to visit
http://www.halfmachine.org (Copenhagen; August 14-17, 2003), in virtuality or in reality.

ArtBots Participants (2003)
ArtBots 2003 home page: http://www.artbots.org/2003/

(photo from the 50 drones web link)
50 drones
: David Bowen

Automated Architecture Robot: Ira Spool, Anna Tsypin

BabyBott: Stefan Prosky

(photo from the chair de poule web link)
chair de poule
: Brad Todd

Drawing Machine 3.1415926: Fernando Orellana

Drums of War: Rahul Bhargava, Mira Friedlander

(images at left from the Fotron web site)
: Daniel Paluska, Jessica Banks, jackbackrack 

Happy Feet: Stephen Turbek

LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots

Lev: Ranjit Bhatnagar

MEART - "The semi living artist": SymbioticA Research Group in collaboration with The Steve Potter Lab

micro.adam & micro.eva: julius popp

Monkey On Your Back: Kal Spelletich/SEEMEN

Neil: Jason Van Anden

re-capacitance: Leesa and Nicole Abahuni

(image from FutureFarmers web site)
Robots like H2O: Photosythesis Perpetual Motion Machine
: Futurefarmers

Scratchrobot: Stijn Slabbinck

Shootings (After Francisco de Goya): Han Gene Paik

Slowscan Soundwave: Douglas Irving Repetto

small work for robot and insects: host productions

Tribblation: Josh Lifton, Michael Broxton, Joseph Paradiso

The Watchers - Televisuality for Xenia: John S. Lathram lll

ArtBots Curators: Douglas Irving Repetto, Philip Galanter, Jenny Lee

Link to documentation of other Robot Festival events (Mindstorms; Feral Robotic Dogs; New York-Tokyo)

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