Paris - July 2008

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Disorienting garden View from the seventh floor Jardin Gerard
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Jardin Gerard Tumbleweed window Under Tumbleweed
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Tumbleweed dungeon Inside Tumbleweed Dinner at Charles Victor
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Dinner at Charles Victor Dinner at Charles Victor - Lynn's plate Dinner at Charles Victor
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Dinner at Charles Victor Tour Eiffel - Lighted Tour Eiffel - Sparkles
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Tour Eiffel -- BLUE! Tour Eiffel on July 1 in honor of EU presidency Lynn drives around the Arc de Triomphe
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Lynn drives !?!? Best spot in Paris MEOWZ - makes me dizzy
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Boating in Jardin Luxembourg On Rue Daguerre Horse butcher - one of the last
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Amarino glaces on a hot day! Wonderful market street in the 14th Dinner on the balcony
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Small but valuable crop Gerard and Dingle Dingle on base
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Notre Dame Shakespeare & Co. Shakespeare & Co. - DK self portrait
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Notre Dame Shakespeare & Company - company dog La Palette - hip patron
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La Palette -- hip cafe Smart Car - Park it ANYWHERE Paris Metro
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seven flights; 18 steps each; elevator not working I'z hidn - kan't cee mee If it is Tuesday, it must be Paris
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Street scene, Ile St. Louis Bertillon glaces Number 4 in a series
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Almost home 14 Ville de Alesia Gerard on the balcony
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He sees us! On Ville de Alesia Tour Eiffel
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A good lunch in the park Tuillerie Gardens Boats in the round pond in Tuillerie Gardens
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A very big wheel On the Ferris Wheel On the Ferris Wheel - Sacre Coeur
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On the Ferris Wheel On the Ferris Wheel Catch me if you can!
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The Pyramid at the Louvre At least two people know what is worth looking at! Winged Victory
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How you see the Mona Lisa What the Mona Lisa sees How to see the art at the Louvre
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Genuine French Poodles Lynn wraps