Seattle - November 2008


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Mt Adams from Portland Mt Hood from Portland Mt Rainier from the South Mt St Helens Mt St Helens
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Mt Rainier Eve and someone's pumpkins Poles at UWash Eve ... and ... Steve ... Freemont Troll
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Fish Ladder instructions Eve and Steve at Fish Ladder Near Fish Ladder Seattle from I5 DDL
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Music Experience with Robots Space Needle Space Needle NE from Space Needle Music Experience from Space Needle
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NW from Space Needle PSC from Space Needle Mt Rainier from Space Needle Lake Union from Space Needle Doug at Space Needle
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Naked Mole Rats at PSC Butterfly at PSC Butterfly at PSC Amost butterflies at PSC Me at PSC
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PSC and Space Needle PSC S from Space Needle SW from Space Needle Capitol Hill from Space Needle
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Lake Union from Space Needle Rock and Roll van Eve's desk Fresh at Pike Place Market Pike Place Market
P1060420_sm P1060423_sm P1060425_sm P1060432_sm Z doug_eve_uw_sm
Pike Place Market Seattle from Kerry Park Eve and Seattle Eve, Doug and Seattle
ranier from uw_sm steve_eve_uw2_sm steve_eve_uw_sm    
Mt Rainier from UW Eve, Steve, Peter, Paul and Mary Eve and Steve at UWash