Endorsements for Punishment and Retribution:



"This is an admirable book. It is clear, argued, resolute and original. Whether or not you agree, you learn from it, and come to think differently about retribution, revenge and more. It escapes convention. It will rightly take attention away from ordinary contributions to the debate."

Ted Honderich, Grote Professor Emeritus of the Philosophy of Mind and Logic, University College, London, UK. Author, among many other publications, of Punishment: The Supposed Justifications.



"If we hope to justify the infliction of punishment, we first must understand what punishment is, and how state punishments are similar to and different from those not imposed by the state. Leo Zaibert's original contribution tackles this neglected issue with remarkable clarity and insight. His effort is extremely readable and philosophically sophisticated."

Douglas Husak, Professor of Philosophy and Law, Rutgers University, USA. Author, among many other publications, of Philosophy of Criminal Law.



'This is a thoroughly researched book which breaks new ground in the philosophy of punishment.'

Richard Burgh, in Ethics.