Census On Campus: Find it.  Fill it out.  Be counted.

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Census at Union

Our nation can't move forward until you mail it back! Since 1790, the United States has counted the total number of people living in the United States as is mandated by the U.S Constitution. This population count is done through a decennial census form. Census information affects the number of seats our state has in the House of Representatives. It also helps determine how more than $400 billion in federal funding are allocated. Colleges and universities have traditionally been hard-to-count communities. Here at Union, we want to be sure that each and every student, faculty and staff member do their part to ensure a complete count!

For Students:

In 2000, the population living in college dormitories in the Census track that includes Union College was zero! We can't let that happen again.

During the second of week of spring term, all dorms and houses will have a mandatory floor meeting with your RA or your Minerva House Coordinator to fill out your census form. All RA's and House Coordinator's have been sworn in as qualified Census administrators so they will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in filling out your form correctly.

Remember college students need to fill out their forms at school, not at home.

If you live off campus, your house or apartment will receive a Census form. The person who rents the house or apartment should fill it out and list all others living in the house. Then be sure to mail it back!

We need U to make sure Union is counted this time around!

For Faculty and Staff:

Your Census forms will be arriving in the mail at your home in late March. Fill them out and mail them back!

To learn more about the census attend the two campus meetings on March 17th. The first meeting is at 9am and the second meeting is at 12:50 pm. The first 50 people at each meeting will receive a free Census on Campus t-shirt!

Complete this Census trivia quiz designed by Union's own SRS class! (link to be added) Five randomly chosen participants will win a $25 gift certificate to the College bookstore!

This website is put together by a Sophomore Research Seminar (SRS) entitled Promoting the 2010 Census:

The purpose of our SRS class was to promote the 2010 Census in our community. We researched extensively about past censuses and developed multiple strategies for promoting it. We worked with students on campus, local elementary schools, newspapers and community groups such as the Kenney Community Center. We developed a variety of materials (available for you to view below) that strive to ensure that everybody gets counted in the 2010 Census.

Check out our blog with research articles:
    William H. Seward: Our Census Hero By Jake Schneider
    How Did Americans Respond to Higher Gas Prices? By Jake Schneider
    Census 2010: More Important to Politics than Mid-Term Elections? By Michael Mooney
The Paradox of Census Participation By Sarah Gagnon and Tomas Dvorak. (Printed in Times Union Sunday, 3/7/10)
    How Did Liberal Arts Colleges Perform during the 2000 Census? By Amy Cerini
    The Best Way to Collect Census Data. By Jacob Berman
    Does the Census Need to Advertise? By Benjamin Jones
    How as the Census Questionnaire Changed since the 1790? By Sara Einhorn
    Is the Link Between the $400 Billion in Federal Funding and Census Overstated? By Lucas First
    Are Republicans Hard To Count? By Professor T. Dvorak

Check out our facebook page:

Check out the Census Trivia Quiz we made.

Check out an outline of a class we taught on the Mathematics and Technology of the Census for the STEP program:
    Find yourself in the Census - use American FactFinder to find data for your block, city, state, nation
    Find the richest state - use the American FactFinder to find data on cities, states, counties, blocks; use Excel to sort and rank
    Apportion the House of Representatives - learn two methods of apportionment
    Draw Congressional Districts - learn about redistricting & play the redistricting game

Check out a poster we designed for Census promotion on campus. (link to be added)

Check out a Concordiensis article. (link to be added)

For more information check out the 2010 Census website.