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The Biology of Mangroves (Biology of Habitats) (2000) by Peter J. Hogarth (List Price: $40.00)

The Botany of Mangroves (1995) by P. B. Tomlinson (List Price: $33.95)

Biology and Ecology of Mangroves (Tasks for Vegetation Science ; 8) (1983) by H.J. Teas (Editor) (List Price: $297.00)

Biology of the Land Crabs (1988) by Warren W. Burggren (Editor), Brian R. McMahon (Editor) (List Price: from $99.26)

Mangrove Management and Conservation: Present and Future (2003) by Marta Vannucci (Editor) (List Price: $21.95)

Leaf Structure: Coastal Vegetation and Mangroves of Venezuela (Encyclopedia of Plant Anatomy, Vol 14, Part 2) (1992) by Dr. Roth Ingrid (List Price: $95.00)

Mangrove Ecosystems: Function and Management (Environmental Science) (2002) by Luiz Drude De Lacerda (Editor) (List Price: $129.00)

Mangrove Ecology, Silviculture and Conservation (2003) by Peter Saenger (List Price: $119.00)

Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates, Decapod Crustacea, (1992). by Frederick W. Harrison (Editor), Arthur G. Humes (Editor) (List Price: $362.50)

Tropical Pacific Invertebrates: A Field Guide to Marine Invertebrates Occurring on Tropical Pacific Ocean Coral Reefs, Seagrass Beds, & Mangroves (1997) by Patrick L. Colin, Charles Arneson (List Price: $59.95)

Tropical Mangrove Ecosystems (Coastal and Estuarine, Vol. 41) by A. I. Robertson (Editor), D. M. Alongi (Editor) (Hardcover - December 1992; List Price: $37.00)

Crustacea Guide Of The World (1999) by Helmut Debelius (List Price: $52.99)

Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania (1999) by Dale A. Zimmerman, Donald A. Turner, David J. Pearson (Contributor), Ian Willis (Illustrator), H. Douglas Pratt (Illustrator) (Price: $85.00 hardcover, or $20.97 for the smaller softcover) [[IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN KENYAN BIRDS, THIS IS THE ONLY BOOK YOU WILL EVER NEED]]

Wetlands (1999) by William J. Mitsch (Author), James G. Gosselink (Author) (List Price: $79.20)

Life Along the Mangrove Shore: A Guide to Common Estuarine Plants and Animals of Southern Florida by G. Alex Marsh (Paperback - May 1995; List Price: $9.95)

Shrimp Farming and Mangrove Loss in Thailand by Edward Barbier (Editor), Suthawan Sathirathai (Editor) (Hardcover - March 2004; List Price: $110.00).

The Mangrove Ecosystem of Deep Bay and the Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong by Shing-Yip Lee (Editor) (Paperback - July 1999; List Price: $27.50)


Mangrove books for children:

Mangroves (Water Worlds) (2001) by Beth Blaxland (List Price: $17.95).

Fiddler Crabs (Wild Wild World) (2003), by Liza Jacobs, Reading level: Ages 9-12 (List Price: $24.94).


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