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Preprint Trouet V., Mukelabai, M., Verheyden A., and Beeckman H. (2012) Cambial growth season of brevi-deciduous Brachystegia spiciformis trees from South Central Africa restricted to four months. PLoS ONE 7(10): e47364.  
Preprint Chowdhury, Md. Q., Schmitz, N., Verheyden, A., Sass-Klaassen, U., Koedam, N., Beeckman, H., 2008. Nature and periodicity of growth rings in two Bangladesh mangrove species. IAWA journal 29: 265-276.  
Preprint Schmitz, N., Robert, E.M.R., Verheyden, A., Kairo, J.G., Beeckman, H. and Koedam, N., 2008. A patchy growth via successive and simultaneous cambia: key to success to the most widespread mangrove species Avicennia marina. Annals of Botany 101: 49-58.  
Preprint Schmitz, N., A. Verheyden, J. G. Kairo, H. Beeckman, and N. Koedam, 2007. Successive cambia development in Avicennia marina (Forssk.) Vierh. is not climatically driven in the seasonal climate at Gazi Bay, Kenya. Dendrochronologia 25(2): 87-96.  
Preprint Schmitz, N., S. Jansen, A. Verheyden, J. G. Kairo, H. Beeckman, and N. Koedam, 2007. Comparative anatomy of intervessel pits in two mangrove species growing along a natural salinity gradient in Gazi Bay, Kenya. Annals of Botany 100: 271-281.  

Schmitz, N., A. Verheyden, H. Beeckman, J.G. Kairo, and N. Koedam, 2006. Influence of a salinity gradient on the vessel characters of the mangrove species Rhizophora mucronata. Annals of Botany 98: 1321–1330.

Preprint Verheyden, A., F. De Ridder, N. Schmitz, H. Beeckman and N. Koedam, 2005. High-resolution time series of vessel density in Kenyan mangrove trees reveal link with climate. New Phytologist 167: 425-435.  
Preprint Verheyden A., M. Roggeman, S. Bouillon, M. Elskens, H. Beeckman and N. Koedam, 2005. Comparison between d13C of a-cellulose and bulk wood in the mangrove tree Rhizophora mucronata: implications for dendrochemistry. Chemical Geology. 219: 275-282.  
Reprint Verheyden, A., G. Helle, G. H. Schleser, F. Dehairs, H. Beeckman & N. Koedam, 2004. Annual cyclicity in high-resolution stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios in the wood of the mangrove tree Rhizophora mucronata. Plant, Cell and Environment 27, 1525–1536.  
Reprint De Ridder, F., R. Pintelon, J. Schoukens and A. Verheyden, 2005. Reduction of the Gibbs phenomenon applied on Non-harmonic Time Base Distortions. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 54: 1118-1125.  
Verheyden, A., J. G. Kairo, H. Beeckman, and N. Koedam, 2004. Growth rings, growth ring formation and age determination in the mangrove Rhizophora mucronata. Annals of Botany 94: 59-66  
  Verheyden, A., 2004. Rhizophora mucronata wood as a proxy for changes in environmental conditions, a study of the wood anatomy, stable isotope chemistry and inorganic composition of a Kenyan mangrove species. Ph.D. thesis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), 228 pp. (Abstract)  
Verheyden, A., F. Dahdouh-Guebas, K.Thomaes, W. De Genst, S. Hettiarachchi and N. Koedam, 2002. High-resolution vegetation data for mangrove research as obtained from aerial photography. Environment, Development and Sustainability 4: 113-133.  
  Kamermans P, Hamminga MA, Tack JF, Mateo MA, Marba N, Mtolera M, Stapel J, Verheyden A, Van Daele T., 2002. Groundwater effects on diversity and abundance of lagoonal seagrasses in Kenya and on Zanzibar Island (East Africa). Marine Ecology-Progress Series 231: 75-83. (Abstract)  
  Dahdouh-Guebas F, Verheyden A, De Genst W, Hettiarachchi S, Koedam N, 2000. Four decade vegetation dynamics in Sri Lankan mangroves as detected from sequential aerial photography: A case study in Galle. Bulletin of Marine Science 67 (2): 741-759.  


--- Dave's (request reprints) ---

Reprint Gillikin, D.P. and C.P. Kamanu, 2005. Burrowing in the East African mangrove crab Chiromantes ortmanni (Crosnier, 1965) (Decapoda, Bracayura, Sesarmidae). Crustaceana 78: 1273-1275
Reprint Gillikin, D.P. and C.D. Schubart, 2004. Ecology and systematics of mangrove crabs of the genus Perisesarma (Crustacea: Brachyura: Sesarmidae) from East Africa. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 141 (3): 435-445.(a new species of Kenyan mangrove crab)
Reprint Gillikin, D.P., B. De Wachter and J.F. Tack, 2004. Physiological responses of two ecologically important Kenyan mangrove crabs exposed to altered salinity regimes. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 301(1):93-109.
Reprint Gillikin, D.P., 2004. Osmoregulatory ability of Chiromantes ortmanni (Crosnier, 1965) subjected to dilute and hypersaline seawater. Crustaceana 77(1): 67-74.
Reprint Gillikin, D.P., S. De Grave and J.F. Tack, 2001. The occurrence of the semi-terrestrial shrimp Merguia oligodon (De Man, 1888) in Neosarmatium smithi H. Milne Edwards, 1853 burrows in Kenyan mangroves. Crustaceana 74(5): 505-508.



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