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This is an overview of details for submission of ABSTRACTS for the technical session for the 2013 Mohawk Watershed Symposium. If you are submitting an abstract for consideration, please read this section carefully. If you are looking for Oral and Poster guidelines, go here.




All talks (invited or volunteered) and all posters must have a corresponding abstract that must be submitted by the deadline. This is our permanent record of the symposium, and thus we are keen to have a complete and detailed record of material presented. Please note that talks and poster spaces are ordered and arranged based exclusively on those abstracts we recieve by the deadline. If you have not prepared an abstract before for this particular meeting, please download and look at abstracts from previous years to get a feel for format, length, and content. We consider these to be peer-reviewed extended abstracts.


REQUIRED ELEMENTS. Every abstract must include the following elements: Title, authors with affiliation and contact for each author, main text of abstract with or without figures (see note below about figures), reference list (at the end, if references are cited in abstract). Authors should be listed in any order, but we will assume that the FIRST author is the lead author and that person will be responsible for paper/poster delivery and all contact regarding the submission. If this is not the case, please make this clear in the email with abstract submission. (Abstracts read as short papers, but do NOT include a first section entitled "abstract." If using subheadings, the first section should be an Introduction or Overview).



TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS. All extended abstracts must be submitted electronically (see last paragraph). For abstract submission, we require the following formats: File Format: Microsoft Word; Margins: Left and right 1 inch. Heading Text: Centered 12 pt. bold Times New Roman with one space between text above and below. Subheading text: 10 pt. bold Times New Roman; Body Text: 10 pt. Times New Roman single-spaced (we will make the paper with two columns, please do not do this). Figures (and photos as figures): Please include figures within the text as high resolution JPG or TIFF format (maximum size of each figure is 1 Mb) - no other formats will be accepted (i.e. embedded Excel graphs). Do not use bold or underline to try to emphasize important points. Do not use exclamation points.


FIGURES: Please try to avoid the required use of colors, but feel free to submit figures in color, and we will convert to B&W/Grayscale for the print version. The online pdf version of the abstracts will be in color (see links below for previous abstract volumes) but the printed volume for the conference will only have limited color use. So it is helpful if figures are meaningful and understandable if in either black and white or color. When essential, we will use color for printed figures. Figures will be placed in the text as either one column or two column, so some thought should be given to length to width ratio of individual items.


LENGTH: Extended abstracts can be between 1 and 4 pages given these formatting guidelines, including figures placed as a reasonable size in the text. Start the extended abstract with an subheading: introduction or overview - do not start with an "abstract." Please ensure that your extended abstract is equal to or less than 10 Mb, including figures. Any single figure greater than 1 Mb will be returned or simplified.


REVIEW of abstracts occurs after submission. Your abstract will be reviewed for content and clarity: it may be returned for revisions, accepted without changes, or rejected. You will recieved notification as to its status within two weeks of submission.


SUBMISSION PROCESS: Submit your abstract as a Word file with figures as attachements (email address below). Please DO NOT ZIP or compress your electronic submission. Note that we will insert figures into the final formatted text.



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To submit your abstract, please email the text file and figures to: Jaclyn Cockburn <jaclyn.cockburn (AT) uoguelph.ca> (NOTE: we no longer post email addresses on web pages, this means you need to add the ampersat: @uoguelph.ca - and construct the email address)


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