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2020 - Mohawk Watershed Symposium























































































Is there a Corps of Engineer/State Flood Control role in the Mohawk Basin?

Russell Wege, NYSDEC Flood Control Unit (retired)


Numerical Modeling of Breakup Ice Dynamics in the Lower Mohawk River

Fengbin Huang and Hung Tao Shen, Clarkson University


Incorporating Ice Jam Flooding into Regulatory Base Flood Elevations at the Historic Schenectady Stockade

James Woidt, Streamworks PLLC, Scarborough, ME


Stockade Resilience: Adaptive Preservation

Kristin Diotte, City of Schenectady


Reimagining the Erie Canal / Mohawk River as Flood Risk Mitigation Resource

Ken Avery, Bergmann Associates, Rochester, NY


The Halloween flood of 2019 in the Mohawk River watershed

Chris Gazoorian, USGS, Troy, NY


A flood insurance analysis of Schenectady's Stockade district

Bill Nechaman, Nechaman Consulting, Schenectady NY


The newly introduced Flood Buyout Bill (S.6893)

Marianne Buttenschon, NY Assembly, 119th District


Eastward expansion of invasive Round Goby towards the Hudson River

Scott George, USGS, Troy, NY


eDNA methods help reveal barriers to American Eel (Anguilla rostrate) migration into the Mohawk River, New York

Hyatt Green, Dept of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse NY


Increasing fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) counts in the Mohawk River and elsewhere in the Hudson watershed since 2015

Jennifer Epstein, Riverkeeper, Ossining, NY


Mohawk River watershed modeling in SWAT

Michaela Schnore, Mohawk River Basin Program, NYSDEC


Potential opportunities for tributary reconnections within the Erie Canal and Mohawk River

Andrew Peck, The Nature Conservancy, Highland, NY


Navigating the Naturalization of the Mohawk River: Science, Policy, and Politics

Stuart Gruskin, The Nature Conservancy, New York, New York


Introduction of Keynote Speaker

John Garver, MWS Co-chair, Geology Dept., Union College


Keynote: Reimagining the Canal in the Mohawk Watershed

Joe Martens, Co-chair, ReImagine the Canal Task forcePosters (only first author indicated).



[B] Poster presentations (first author listed)


Notes from a Watershed - The Mohawk River

John Garver, MWS Co-chair, Geology Department, Union College


Relating microbial diversity to nitrogen cycling in the Mohawk River and diverse freshwater ecosystems

Julian Damashek, Department of Biology, Utica College


Streamflow capture along the Mohawk River: determining transit time to municipal well-field

Jaclyn Gehring, Geology Department, Union College


Plastic Pollution: Nurdles and the Coleco Connection. Utilizing Digital Storytelling by Youth to Educate the Public about Emergent Environmental Concerns in their Community

K.N Hemsley, F. Staley, C. Cherizard, A. Francisco, L.G. English, D.Carlson, P. Munson, J.McKeeby, S. Hadam, E. McHale, Schoharie River Center


Microplastic pollution in Mohawk River tributaries: likely sources and potential implications for the Mohawk Watershed

Jacqueline Smith, MWS Co-chair, Geology Department, Union College


Elevated levels of fecal-indicator bacteria in the Hans Groot Kill, Schenectady, NY, suggest infrastructure failures

Eva Willard-Bauer, Geology Department, Union College


A five-year series of snap-shots: Data and observations of Enterococci and Escherichia coli levels from a Mohawk River water quality project as it enters Year Six of a longitudinal study

Neil Law, Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, SUNY Cobleskill


Exploring baseline water quality conditions in the Mohawk river: Observationsof fecal indicator bacteria during the Fall of 2018 and Summer of 2019

Carolyn Rodak, MWS Co-chair, Department of Engineering, SUNY Polytechnic Institute


Detection, Quantification and Identification of Enteric Bacteria in the Upper Hudson River - A Pilot Study

Jade Cohen, Department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Hudson Valley Community College


Pervious concrete offers a prospective solution to contaminated runoff threatening water quality

Ashraf Ghaly, Engineering Department, Union College


The swinging environmental pendulum: how policies and attitudes shift with changes in US administration

Ashraf Ghaly, Engineering Department, Union College


Climate Related Discoveries, 62 Years of Daily CO2 Measurements and the Keeling Curve

Frank Wicks, Engineering Department, Union College (Emeritus)


Algal community dynamics in the lower Mohawk River

Andrea Conine, Mohawk River Basin Program, NYSDEC





*The lead or presenting author/s is/are listed in the schedule, for complete author listings and affiliations please refer to the abstract.