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The Mohawk Watershed Alliance is an organization of stakeholders in the Mohawk Watershed, New York.


Mohawk Watershed Symposium has been bringing stakeholders together for over a decade to discuss issues surrounding water quality, flooding, land use, dams, and other issues central to a healthy and productive watershed. The Symposium is typically held in the third week in March at Union College in Schenectady NY.


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March 2024 Symposium

March 2023 Symposium

• March 2022 Symposium (cancelled)

• March 2021 Symposium (cancelled)

• March 2020 Symposium

• March 2019 Symposium

• March 2018 Symposium

• March 2017 Symposium

• March 2016 Symposium

• March 2015 Symposium

• March 2014 Symposium

• March 2013 Symposium

• March 2012 Symposium

• March 2011 Symposium

• March 2010 Symposium

• March 2009 Symposium


Extended ABSTRACTS and the Program guide from the

meetings are published, and available free online.


1) All Abstract volumes are now hosted electronically by "Arches" at Schaffer Library at Union College. Use this link to access all previous abstract volumes.


2)  Many are also at ResearchGate  (no longer supported)      

2020 Abstract volume

2019 Abstract volume

2018 Abstract volume

2017 Abstract volume

2016 Abstract volume

• 2015 Abstract volume

• 2014 Abstract volume

• 2013 Abstract volume

• 2012 Abstract volume

• 2011 Abstract volume

• 2010 Abstract volume

• 2009 Abstract volume


Photos from past conferences are HERE 


Past KEYNOTE presentations


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Program Chairs and coordination:

Jacqueline Smith, Geology Department, Olin Building, Union College, Schenectady NY smithj4 @union.edu (remove spaces)

Carolyn Rodak,Engineering Department, Union College, Schenectady NY,  rodakc @union.edu (remove spaces)

John Garver, Department of Geology, Olin Building, Union College 807 Union ST Schenectady, NY 12308-2311, USA +1, 518-388-6770 (Office) +1, 518-388-6770 (main office) +1,518-388-6417(fax) Email: garverj @ union.edu (remove spaces in email address).

Katherine Czajkowski, Mohawk Watershed Coordinator Mohawk River Basin Program NYS Water Resources Institute at Cornell University 1130 N. Westcott Road Rotterdam, New York 12306 518-357-2383 518-357-2398 (fax) Email: Katherine Czajkowski <katherine.czajkowsk @ dec.ny.gov> (remove spaces in email address).

Mailing address:

Department of Geosciences,

Union College,

807 Union ST,

Schenectady NY, 12308-2311