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Union College Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer Lab

External user fees


The Delta V Advantage, ConfloIV, Gas Bench II, TC/EA, & Costech EA.


Continuous flow analysis Academic fee per sample*
δ13C & δ15N $12.00
δ13C or δ15N $12.00
δ13C & δ15N & %C & %N $13.00
δ13C & %C or δ15N & %N $13.00
add to the above for difficult samples such as soils, sediments, filters, and carbonates $2.00
δ18O solid (e.g., cellulose) $20.00
δD water $20.00
Gas Bench  
δ18O & δ13C CaCO3 $14.00
δ18O water $14.00
δ13C-DIC $15.00
last update: August  2022

*Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are for typical samples only;
filters, enriched, etc. have additional fees. Prices are for prepared samples;
add $2 per sample for sample prep. Price includes standards. Discounts are granted for more than 1000 samples.
Email for price confirmation and instructions on sample prep.
Union College users receive a discount, email for price confirmation and instructions on sample prep.
Fees for commercial samples can be obtained by emailing us.





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Contact Information

David P. Gillikin, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology
Department of Geology
Union College
807 Union St
Schenectady, NY 12308

phone: 518-388-6679
email: gillikid@union.edu