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Exercise: Because the origins of the workshop were in our believe that it is important to figure out a way to archive a college's WWW site, it would help if you looked carefully at your own web site and its parts, to determine which parts, if any, you think ought to be archived and preserved. This would include a consideration of how the various parts get into the site in the first place, and where they are coming from (external databases, for example, or college records). The nature of links, both within and outside of the library/college WWW site will become a critical problem, as will any aspects of the WWW site generated on demand by a database query. 

Monday, May 13, 2002

9 AM - Noon: Discussing what exactly a WWW site is, what the requirements would be for archiving one, and how to determine success. 

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What is a web page: Socially? Technically? Archive requirements Layers &  Boundaries

1 - 4 PM: Examination of electronic archival strategies and basic principles. 

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Environment Dependencies BAC architecture & gatekeepers Transactions / Metadata Examples & details

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

9 AM - Noon: Application of the latter to developing concrete tactics to address the functional requirements established in the first session.

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What is a web?
Web architecture
(Union example)
First four layers of metadata Practical archive methods Archival Repository
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Web architecture, cleaned up

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